Case Studies

Client:               Small Business - Palm Springs, CA

Challenge:        This well established local business has grown organically over the last 10 years and the owner is now

               looking to expand

Approach:         Develop and implement a social media marketing (SMM) strategy

Result:               Built company website to create a dynamic online presence

                           Created Facebook & Instagram business accounts

                           Applied Google Analytics to help the company get a clearer understanding of their customer base

                           Provides on-going data analysis to drive marketing campaigns

                           Manage content on social media platforms via Hootsuite

                           Maintains website content

Client:               Startup Company - Singapore, Asia

Challenge:        Develop the business concept and add structure to help move it forward

Approach:        Create a business plan and introduce a project management structure

Result:              Developed a strategic approach

                          Formed pitch document with outline for a prototype

                          Identified key resources

                          Researched potential investors

                          Created & managed the product roadmap with clearly defined milestones, to ensure goals are met

Client:               Commercial Real Estate Company - California, USA

Challenge:        During a transition period, the company needed assistance establishing a temporary office, with particular 

                          focus on preparing accounts for tax filing purposes and identify tools to automate processes and increase efficiency

Approach:        Introduce technology solutions to streamline and digitizing processes 

Result:              Migrated financial accounts to QuickBooks Online which allowed real-time data access to accountant

                          Automated both invoice creation and income / expense tracking

                          Set-up e-File to scan and store documents

                          Partnered with the commercial tenants to establish autopay services for rent collection

Client:               Boutique Hotel - California, USA

Challenge:        Client was dissatisfied with their legacy CRM system and needed help to identify and migrate to a newer technology

Approach:        Research appropriate CRM platforms to meet the clients needs

Result:              Produced user requirements document

                          Identified CRM platform that met clients requirements

                          Migrated historic data to new platform

                          Defined business processes and provided employee training